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Arizona Premium Mattress-the Latexperts

Welcome to the Latexperts, the people you can trust when it comes to latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. Our Phoenix, AZ family owned and operated latex mattress factory offers high quality latex foam products at factory direct pricing. What that means to you is that you can buy latex beds for about half of what you would pay to another mattress store in Phoenix. Wholesale to the public is what we are all about and it drives our competitors insane how we do this. 

The Factory Direct Latex Mattress Advantage

Our roots are in the wholesale mattress industry here in Phoenix and quite frankly we don't know how to think in retail terms. We just want to get paid for our hard work and that can be a real challenge when dealing with local furniture and mattress stores. We decided over 15 years ago to take our products online and said the heck with selling to local stores. Now we get paid direct by you and you get wholesale pricing on what is generally a highly overpriced specialty type mattress. Latex beds are unique and because of that prices get inflated making them unreachable for most families. Well not anymore!

Our Focus is Clear- Make Latex Mattresses Affordable

Because our main focus is latex foam mattresses our overhead is much lower than those mattress manufacturers who have many different types of mattresses to make like coil springs designs, memory foam, foam encased and all the variables of those. Our buying power is much better because of our huge online presence since not only do we deliver latex mattresses in Phoenix but in fact all over the U.S. and Canada too. 

Arizona Premium Mattress is Your Latex Mattress Headquarters

Wouldn't it be nice to shop for a latex mattress and not feel like you have to take a shower when you get home. Yes, shopping for a mattress these days can be worse than shopping for a used car. Who do you trust, and who to not trust. Seems there is a mattress store on every corner here in Phoenix, AZ and probably the same in your home town. Why? There is big money in mattresses and even bigger in specialty mattresses like latex rubber. It sickens me everytime a customer walks through my door with the same old story over and over again. They purchased a name brand pillow top mattress at a name brand store only to have it fail within a year or two. You see mattresses these days are made to fail in less than five years and the excuse is "you need to replace you mattress every five years because of dust mites and bed bugs". Tell that to the people I know that have had their latex foam mattresses now for well beyond twenty years. Tell that to the guy who brought us his 30 year old latex bed and all it needed was a new cover. Don't be fooled, there is a better mattress and those in the know choose latex mattresses.

What Makes Latex Mattresses Better Than the Rest?

It's like a purebred dog, it's the pedigree. Latex foam beds are derrived from Mother Nature by way of the rubber tree of course. Nature has provided us with a non-toxic sleep solution in the form of latex sap. This sap or milk is then processed into latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. These foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic, mold and mildew resistant and not to mention extremely durable. Anyone who has ever purchased a memory foam topper knows the chemical smell can be overpowering and even life threatening to some chemically sensitive people. The list of chemicals used to create memory foam and poly foam goes on and on and most are not very healthy. Even spring type mattresses now days contain a very large percentage of these same foams and chemicals so why subject yourself or your children to this in the first place? Latex mattresses offer a non-toxic solution for your bed requirements and we haven't even talked about the amazing comfort of these all natural mattresses.

Non-Toxic Mattresses are Great What What About the Comfort?


The natural comforming ability of latex mattresses are second to non. The pocket coil system used by most of the majors pale in comparison to latex. Both claim to be "no motion" beds but I can tell you from personal experience that my kids can jump up and down on mom's side of the bed and I don't even feel them. I'm sure a glass of wine not spilling would be impressing but nothing like I just described. The big selling feature of memory foam is it's ability to reduce pressure points but at what cost. The cost of being swallowed up like your in quicksand. That's how I feel when I'm on memory foam. I also feel very hot because the closed cell construction behind most memory foam is like wrapping yourself in bubble wrap. Great if you want to lose weight fast. Not so good if you live in Phoenix, AZ or if you are experiencing hot flashes anyway.

Latex mattresses mold to your body and reduce pressure points while allowing your body heat to flow through the open cell design. Every time you move your drawing in fresh air. This helps to keep the latex bed temperature neutral and thus making it much cooler than memory foam mattresses.

Have You Ever Been Fitted for a Mattress?

Most mattress salespersons want to convince you to buy a specific mattress and not because it's the best fit for you but because they get an extra bonus from the mattress factory for selling their product that week over their competitors. It's called a spiff and is one of the biggest reasons customers end up with a bed that doesn't really work that well for them. Here at our latex mattress factory showroom in Phoenix, AZ we actually fit the mattress for the customer. Each customer is unique in their requirements and should be treated as individuals because most couples, believe it or not, don't agree on one firmness. Smaller framed folks need less support than those heavy bodies so the requirements are much different. Back sleepers need more support than do side sleepers so you see it's important for each of you to get what is best for you. Most of our latex mattress designs are availabe in split firmness options. Stop by today for a test rest and mattress fitting session by the one who know latex mattresses - the Latexperts in Phoenix, AZ